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Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation serving Apex, Cary and the surrounding areas!

ABOUT missionfIT Physical Therapy!

We believe that life is the greatest sport, and no one gets to sit on the sideline. Our health determines how we show up for the game, and what our outcome will be. 


Located in Apex, NC, we offer a multi-faceted approach with in-depth 1 on 1 orthopedic assessments, and personalized treatment plans with a sports physical therapist.  We are skilled to help clients manage pain, improve movement, accelerate performance, and build confidence in all areas of their life. We take pride in helping clients navigate chronic issues, and unsuccessful treatment.  

We lead by example through hard work, discipline, and integrity.  We are honored to be on your team, and we cannot wait to celebrate your WINS with you!


meet the team


Dr. Jessica Mertz PT, DPT, Pn1

Jessica is a licensed sports physical therapist who specializes in treating all clients like they are athletes. She is also a certified nutritionist, and barre instructor.  

Physical Therapy & Other SERVICES

physical therapy services

  • 1 on 1 orthopedic exam

  • SFMA screen/squat assessment

  • Gait/running analysis

  • Soft tissue mobilization (cupping)

  • Functional dry needling

  • Postural restoration

  • Corrective exercises/programming 

  • Nutrition consultations/planning

  • Educational workshop/in-service

  • Barre classes

What DO we treat

physical therapist in Apex, NC

  • low back pain

  • neck pain/headaches

  • sports injuries/over-use

  • shoulder pain/dysfunction

  • sprained ankle/Achilles pain

  • hip/knee disorders

  • post-operative care

  • pre/post-partum care

  • triathlete/endurance injuries

  • weight-loss

  • macro/performance nutrition

Kettlebell Workout


"In the summer of 2021 I started training for my first marathon and early on started dealing with knee pain. Dr. Jess was not only extremely knowledgeable and professional about running injuries, she was so pleasant and showed genuine interest in what was going on.  I can't sing enough of her praises!"

Cointe B.

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